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As the go-to marketing specialist for AirClass by Lenovo Software, Allison Howard oversees everything from analytics to events to social media — and somehow still has energy for competitive racing, traveling and putting her interior design skills to work. Current addictions include coffee, cooking and spoiling a cuddly Miki dog named Pepper Jack.

Recently, when we interviewed a select group from Training Magazine’s network, we asked this question:

How many different tools do you use for training?

For 35% of respondents, the answer was five or more. Another 46% said three or four.

Cobble ToolsThat means the bulk of facilitators are contending with three, four, five or more tools — just to hold a single training session. In follow-up focus groups and one-on-one interviews, we discovered that it’s not at all uncommon for a corporate trainer to use a web conferencing tool to present and screen share, a cloud service to share course content, emails to answer follow-up questions and a survey tool to collect feedback.

That’s an awful lot to contend with. And to make a convoluted structure even more complicated, none of these tools provides a reliable way to see if participants are even engaging with the training.

This is precisely why we created AirClass — to streamline and simplify online training — and why we’re continually innovating and updating the platform based on feedback from trainers. AirClass combines the best features of disparate tools and dashboards to provide everything a virtual trainer needs, all in one central platform.

What, exactly, does that mean? Take a look at the latest enhancements, updates and new features:

Make Training Sessions Accessible from Everywhere

How often have you had to wait for an attendee because a required desktop app wouldn’t load, or your browser-based video conferencing tool was experiencing issues?

With AirClass, we’ve ensured you’ll always have multiple options for joining a live online class. Our virtual classroom is optimized for Chrome and Firefox; we designed it to be easily accessible from these popular browsers. But that’s not the only way to join a live class or interact with a recorded Replay.

The AirClass desktop app for Windows & Mac OS, one of our newest features, provides an easy alternative for users whose default browser is Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari. With this desktop app installed, you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to the AirClass platform no matter where you go or what device you use — and that the experience will be the same, whether you’re using a browser or the app. 

 AirClass  App

That’s not all. After hearing from numerous AirClass customers who need to invite international participants, we also enhanced our international support for instructors and attendees. Companies can now use a US instructor license to open training sessions to global attendees in virtually any country. (The one exception is China.)

Create a Highly Engaging Virtual Training Environment

One signature feature of AirClass is Emotion Insights, which analyzes micro-facial expressions shown when training participants are excited, disengaged, confused and more. When you enable Emotion Insights during a live class, these emotional reactions to your training content and delivery are recorded. Then, when the session has ended, you can review them along with a Replay of the entire course to see the exact moments when participants were responding positively, negatively or neutrally.

And now, we’ve developed even more ways for you to leverage them.


For example, you might not want to use Emotion Insights to record reactions to every minute of your online training. For longer sessions, that can be a lot of data to look through. Instead, you can now use the latest version of Emotion Insights for partial recordings and different start times. For example, let’s say you’d like to try out a new storytelling training tactic and want to measure its effectiveness. Simply hit the “Start Insights” button when you’re ready to begin, and exit when you’re done. Then take a look at the quick-reference bar graphs to see how your class responded.

Increase Virtual Classroom Collaboration

Are you familiar with Replays? These interactive virtual classroom sessions let learners relive your training just as if they were attending the live event. Participants can follow conversations, document shares and more — all in the same order they were shared the first time around. With our latest enhancement, you can even clean up and delete Replays to meet your participants’ needs.

The new “Remember where you are” tool is another answer to feedback — one that we’re especially excited about because it lets you move seamlessly from one AirClass feature to another. To understand how it works, consider this common scenario: You’re halfway through a slideshow presentation when you decide to re-engage attendees by conducting a poll. Next, you send them to small group breakout rooms for discussion. Then, when it’s time to get back to the presentation, “Remember where you are” allows you to pick up right where you left off in that slideshow — no need to pause or backtrack.

And if at any time you feel there’s content that participants will want to reference later — such as a lively breakout discussion or annotation-heavy whiteboard — the new “Share to chat” button lets you instantly share a screenshot within chat and have the jpeg simultaneously saved to the AirClass Activity Stream for future access. 

Share to Chat

These are a few of the updates we’re most excited about, but there are many others. We’ve also enhanced dial-in capabilities to ensure audio is crisp and clear, and to alert you to any issues related to slow networks, bandwidth issues, mics or speakers. Email notifications now include one-click options for joining a class and adding sessions to calendars. Live participants can be automatically muted to minimize distractions, and load times have increased to support larger training sessions.

Give them a try and let us know what you think! (New to AirClass?) You can gain access to all of these features and many more.  Try It Out!

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