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As the go-to marketing specialist for AirClass by Lenovo Software, Allison Howard oversees everything from analytics to events to social media — and somehow still has energy for competitive racing, traveling and putting her interior design skills to work. Current addictions include coffee, cooking and spoiling a cuddly Miki dog named Pepper Jack.

Nothing says “thank you” the way a thoughtful gift does. But often, it can be challenging to choose a gift that’ll be truly meaningful to your employees. 

This is often the case with corporate trainers, which is why we decided to share our list of favorite gift ideas. After collaborating closely with numerous corporate trainers, the AirClass team has developed a strong sense of what they really, truly need.

Trainers tend to be particularly passionate about their jobs, and are motivated by a strong desire to drive meaningful outcomes — whether it’s teaching new skills or keeping everyone up to date on company policies and procedures.

If your gift helps them achieve those objectives, it’s as good as gold.

Whether your business conducts training online or in person, through an internal department or external consultant, the following gift ideas are sure to be well received.


Corporate Training Books!

Trainers are learners, too – and they’re hungry for the latest tips, tricks, theories and best practices to improve corporate training. A gift card to a favorite local bookshop will let your trainers choose from the many professional development books based on their current needs. Or you could go ahead and grab a couple of the latest books from one of our favorite virtual training authors, Cindy HuggettPrice: $17+


Coffee, coffee, coffee.

When in doubt, give coffee. Most training professionals run on java like the rest of us. The key is to provide them with a supply of good coffee. If you work in the same office, consider treating them to a bag of freshly roasted local beans. Or, if you think they’d appreciate a hefty brew of the world’s strongest coffee, go with Death Wish. For coffee treats that promise health benefits like greater mental clarity and focus, check out BulletproofCost: $20+

jabra speaker

A high-quality, hands-free speakerphone.

Do your company’s corporate training sessions occur in small offices or conference rooms, and include an online component? If so, we highly recommend getting your trainer a high-quality conferencing speaker. This handy little device will make it easy to hold hands-free presentations and discussions. The Jabra Speak 410, in particular, offers excellent background noise cancellation capabilities and also does a good job of picking up individual voices for crystal clear speech. Cost: $70 (estimated)

Laptop stand

A laptop stand.

As corporate trainers make the transition from in-person classrooms to online training environments, they’ll need hardware that helps set the virtual stage for success. Among the essentials is a laptop stand or shelf — particularly for trainers who are still relying on their laptop’s built-in camera. This gift will allow them to get a better angle when presenting. When choosing a stand, look for one that will be sure to bring the computer’s web camera to eye level or higher. Cost: $20+


A new high-definition webcam

When in doubt, go with a webcam! With so much corporate training occurring online these days, getting a good view of the other side of the screen makes a world of difference. While there are plenty of decent options, one AirClass staff favorite is the Logitech c930e. Whatever you choose, be sure you select a webcam that can be easily mounted without duct tape or velcro.

If you want to take this a step further, add an inexpensive tripod. This will allow your corporate trainer to set up various angles, and then use virtual classroom software to switch to the best camera angle for each part of a presentation. Cost: $70 (estimated)


A subscription to AirClass.

If your organization is still waiting to take the plunge into virtual training, the timing has never been better. Research has shown that companies can save an average of $13.5 million per year by reevaluating the cost of current learning and development programs.

Even if your corporate training has already gone virtual, AirClass has several unique tools and features that make it easier and more effective to conduct training online. Cost: Starting at $69 per month

What about you? Do you have other corporate trainer holiday gift ideas we can share? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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