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Allison Howard
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As the go-to marketing specialist for AirClass by Lenovo Software, Allison Howard oversees everything from analytics to events to social media — and somehow still has energy for competitive racing, traveling and putting her interior design skills to work. Current addictions include coffee, cooking and spoiling a cuddly Miki dog named Pepper Jack.

You asked. We listened. Now, facilitators and participants can access AirClass using the desktop app.

While AirClass is optimized for Chrome and Firefox, we understand that not everyone uses these browsers. In direct response to feedback from users and AirClass Enthusiasts, we are excited to announce the new AirClass desktop app. This enhancement provides the same engaging experience you get when using browsers, but in a desktop format that’s ready and available any time you need it.

“We understand that, when it’s time to conduct online training, you need to be able to launch a virtual classroom quickly,” explains Coby Gurr, Lenovo Software’s Chief Technology Officer. “The beauty of AirClass is its ability to create an engaging experience at any time, and on many different devices. But if a browser is experiencing issues, it can make things difficult.”

Here’s how it works

When you visit the login page from an unsupported browser, you’ll be given the option of launching the desktop app:

AirClass Unsupported Browser

Clicking on “Windows” or “Mac” will download the correct installation file:

AirClass- Desktop Download

(These installation files are also available for download on our support site.)

For Windows machines, you’ll simply save the file to your computer and then open it to have the app installed within a few minutes.

On Macs, you’ll need to first locate the AirClass.dmg installation file in the downloads folder and then double click to open it. When the installer box appears, simply slide the AirClass logo into the Applications folder:

AirClass DesktopApp Installer

That’s it! When you open the AirClass app for the first time, you’ll see that it closely mirrors the browser experience:

AirClass Browser App

The desktop app is currently in beta form and ready for you to test drive. Check it out and let us know what you think! You can ask questions or share feedback by clicking the “send feedback” icon in AirClass, or contact the team via chat and email at And if you’d like to help shape future AirClass enhancements, we encourage you to apply to become an AirClass Enthusiast and help us make the platform even better.


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